Top ATVs for Snow Plowing

5 Best ATVs for Snow Plowing

When winter’s wrath unleashes a blanket of snow, the task of clearing your driveway transforms from a chore into a test of will — unless you have the “Best ATV for Snow Plowing” at your command. This is not just about saving your back from the shovel’s curse, it’s about harnessing the raw power of the right ATV to turn a snow day into a display of efficiency and might. Imagine sitting atop your mechanical beast, equipped with a plow, turning the daunting task of snow removal into a swift and satisfying job completed before your neighbors have even had their first sip of coffee. However, not all ATVs are created equal. In this article, we dig into the specs, price, and performance of the top contenders that make snow plowing less of a battle and more of a victory lap. Don’t let another flake fall without reading on — your ultimate winter warrior awaits.

ATV for Snow Plowing

Best ATV for Snow Plowing

1. Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS stands out as the best overall ATV for snow plowing, thanks to its muscular 686cc liquid-cooled engine. This power plant is designed for low-end torque, essential for moving heavy snow. The fuel injection system ensures it starts easily in cold weather, while the four-stroke design provides a quiet and smooth ride. This ATV’s engine isn’t just about raw strength; it’s also built for longevity, with a compression ratio optimized for durable performance. When the winter gets tough, the Kodiak 700 EPS is up to the task, making it an indispensable tool for clearing driveways and paths.

Functionality meets reliability with the Kodiak 700 EPS’s advanced Ultramatic transmission and versatile On-Command 4WD system. The transmission is engineered for immediate response and durability, ensuring that belt wear is a worry of the past, while the choice of driveline modes lets you adapt to changing conditions with ease. Particularly useful is the ATV’s downhill engine braking, which provides additional control when descending on icy or slick slopes. Priced between $9,199 and $9,799, the Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS offers both a practical and robust solution for snow plowing, with available color options and upgrades like the SE model’s Warn Pro Vantage 2500 winch and stylish aluminum wheels adding to its appeal. This ATV is a premium choice for anyone looking to combine performance with the comfort and efficiency needed for snow management tasks.

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2. Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 EPS

The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 EPS proves to be a formidable choice for snow plowing with its robust 749cc engine that powers through the cold with ease. This liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine not only packs a punch with significant torque for heavy lifting but also ensures a smooth ride with minimal vibration thanks to the strategic 90-degree cylinder offset. Alongside the strength, the single overhead camshaft design contributes to the machine’s efficiency, enabling you to tackle the toughest snowfalls. What sets this ATV apart is its capability to operate effortlessly in winter conditions, offering you a dependable machine that’s ready to work when you are.

In terms of transmission and control, the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 does not disappoint. Featuring an Ultramatic transmission that’s built to last, this ATV ensures a reliable and maintenance-friendly experience with features like a belt tension-maintaining centrifugal clutch and a handy belt check indicator. The advanced 4WD system is engineered to give you control, with a downhill engine braking feature that brings confidence to plowing on steep declines. The front differential lock, adjustable via a lever, allows precision torque management to the front wheels, optimizing traction on ice and snow. Starting at $11,399, the Brute Force 750 offers exceptional value with options for color and utility upgrades, including the Camo model with a Warn Pro Vantage winch and aluminum wheels, making it a tailored fit for heavy-duty winter work.

3. Can-Am Outlander

The Can-Am Outlander series boasts a versatile range of engine choices, suitable for the varied demands of snow plowing. Whether you select the nimble 450cc model for lighter work or the brawny 1000cc V-twin for the heaviest of snowfalls, these ATVs deliver. The high-torque engines are all about reliable power in cold weather, ensuring that the ATV performs when needed most. With liquid cooling and fuel injection, the Outlander’s engines maintain optimal performance even in sub-zero temperatures, making them a reliable companion for winter chores. Their SOHC design furthers mechanical simplicity and durability, which is crucial for prolonged use in harsh conditions.

On the transmission front, the Outlander’s CVT stands out for its durability and ease of maintenance. The range of gears includes a low mode that is ideal for plowing, providing extra torque and control. This transmission setup, combined with the Visco-Lok auto-locking front differential, means the Outlander automatically adjusts traction to the wheel with the most grip, a significant advantage on slippery surfaces. Prices start at a very approachable $6,799, stretching up to $15,749 for high-end trims, making the Outlander accessible for a broad range of budgets and applications. Each model offers specific features tailored to utility and comfort, like power steering, special tires, and upgraded suspension, ensuring there’s an Outlander for every snow plowing need.

4. Honda Fourtrax Foreman 4×4

The Honda Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 steps up to the challenge of snow plowing with a robust 518cc engine that exemplifies Honda’s reputation for reliable power. Its fuel-injected, four-stroke engine ensures a quick start on cold days and delivers consistent power output, which is crucial when plowing through heavy snow. With a high compression ratio and an efficient SOHC design, the Foreman is engineered to convert every bit of fuel into usable work, giving you the strength to move snow efficiently. Moreover, the choice of transmission—either a rugged five-speed manual or a convenient electric shift program (ESP)—offers flexibility to suit any plower’s preference, with the added benefit of precise engine braking when it’s needed most on tricky, downhill paths.

Price-wise, the Honda Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 is positioned to offer great value with the base model starting at $7,399. It’s not just the engine and transmission that define this ATV’s snow plowing prowess; the locking front differential and EPS adapt the Foreman to varying terrain and load conditions, improving both traction and steering response. For those seeking enhanced comfort and convenience, the upgraded models with EPS start at $8,199 and offer additional color options, including Phantom Camo and Matte Green, which are sure to stand out or blend in, depending on your preference. Rounding up the line is the Foreman 4×4 ES EPS, priced at $8,699, which combines the ease of electric shifting with advanced power steering, dressed in exclusive color options like Matte Molasses Brown or Matte Gray Metallic.

Arctic Cat Alterra 700

The Arctic Cat Alterra 700 TRV showcases a robust 695cc engine that’s tailored for heavy-duty tasks like snow plowing. Its liquid-cooled, fuel-injected powerplant ensures reliable starts and consistent power in the chilliest conditions, which is crucial for plowing through snow and ice. With a high compression ratio and SOHC configuration, the engine provides a balance of power and efficiency, allowing for prolonged plowing sessions without fatigue. Furthermore, its comfortable two-up seating enables you to work with a partner in the toughest winter conditions, making it a practical choice for those long days of snow removal.

Starting at $10,299, the Arctic Cat Alterra 700 TRV is a competitive option for those seeking a capable and reliable snow plowing ATV. The model’s versatility is heightened by the Ultramatic transmission, renowned for its durability, with a set of gears that cater to varied terrain and workloads. The ATV’s three-position On-Command 4WD system enhances its adaptability, offering the flexibility to switch driving modes as conditions change. For those looking for enhanced control and comfort, the $11,299 Alterra 700 TRV EPS model includes electric power steering, helping to mitigate fatigue during long hours of operation. Available in Earth Blue and Fossil colors, the EPS model combines functionality with aesthetics, providing a pleasing look to an otherwise rugged workhorse.


What size ATV is best for snow plowing?

When choosing an ATV for snow plowing, one with a displacement between 500cc and 700cc typically offers the best blend of power and maneuverability. Such ATVs are strong enough to push heavy snow without bogging down but not so large that they are difficult to handle. It’s important to consider the ATV’s weight as well, as a heavier vehicle can typically push more snow and offer better traction.

Are ATVs good in the snow?

Absolutely, ATVs can be exceptional in the snow, provided they are equipped with the right tires and accessories. Many ATVs feature 4WD systems that increase traction in slippery conditions. Adding snow tires can greatly improve an ATV’s performance in the snow, making it a versatile tool for winter weather. Additionally, with the right plow attachment, ATVs can efficiently clear driveways and paths, reducing the physical strain of snow removal.

What is the best engine for plowing snow?

The best engine for plowing snow is one that combines high torque with steadfast reliability. A four-stroke engine with a displacement of at least 500cc is generally preferred due to its power and smooth operation. Fuel injection is also beneficial as it improves cold starts and maintains consistent performance in cold weather. Variable transmission is another feature that works well for snow plowing, as it allows for easy changes in speed and power output, adapting to different snow conditions.

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